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15. Mrz, 2021 | Author: Achim Kern |   


WinNet - Hollywood 8

AmigaOS 3 (m68k) AmigaOS 4 (ppc)
Android (arm) AROS (x86)
iOS (arm) Linux (x86) Linux (x64)
Linux (arm) Linux (ppc) macOS (x86) macOS (x64) macOS (ppc)
MorphOS (ppc) WarpOS (m68k/ppc) Windows (x86) Windows (x64)

Connect your AmigaOne500 with an ASPIREHOME Server

The software runs smooth with all features under OS4.1.
It's a simple GUI for an easy use of smbfs - based on SMBMounter.
Test Computer - AmigaOne500 and WinHomeServer ASPIREHOME.

The tool searches at first your WinHomeServer via Name then via IP.
Next it tries to connect your Amiga with the help of smbfs to your HomeServer.
Be sure to have smbfs on your amigaone500 - normally placed in SYS:c/.

To run the tool without getting to many errors edit first the WinNet.ini File.

Update 0.2 (08-05-2012)

- disconnecting drawers now possible
- smbfs path in ini file

Update 0.3 (08-07-2012)

- little change in gui - searching server optimized
- include some nice system sounds
- include more system alerter and info statusbar texts
- button to start system editor and edit winnet.ini
- button to activate new entries in winnet.ini after edit
- close all connections when closing WinNet

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      AmigaOne 500 Sam460EX OS4.1 Update4