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03. Jan, 2022 | Author: Achim Kern |   

New since 01.10.2016
Actually running tests with the BOSCH XDK SensorBlock to play our Kid Game PengoBrain.
Walking and moves are normal - turn XDK in correct direction an Pengo jumps. In the higher levels we have jump points - to activate them pengo must use a magnet and activate the xdk magnet field sensor - we have tunnels - pengo needs here more light and must iluminate the light sensor to a defined level, sometimes Pengo has to watch for humidity level and must increase with breathing on the sensor .... and so on. So - i think that could all be pretty amazing to kids.


PengoBrain - Hollywood8

AmigaOS 3 (m68k) AmigaOS 4 (ppc) Android (arm) AROS (x86)
iOS (arm) Linux (x86) Linux (x64)
Linux (arm) Linux (ppc) macOS (x86) macOS (x64) macOS (ppc)
MorphOS (ppc) WarpOS (m68k/ppc) Windows (x86) Windows (x64)

A game for kids

The goal of this little computer game is feeding penguin PENGO with a tasty fish.

Sounds easy ?

Our hero must use a predefined path through a very dangerous icefield
to reach the fish safely.

Remember this way and lead PENGO to his delicious fish.

Version 1.0    -  Hollywood5.2 - 07.03.2013 - AmigaOS4, WinOS7
Version 1.1    -  Hollywood5.2 - 09.03.2013 - AmigaOS4, AmigaOS3, WinOS7
Version 1.1    -  Hollywood5.2 - 15.03.2013 - MorphOS
Version 1.1    -  Hollywood5.2 - 23.03.2013 - Linux386 Ubuntu-Software-Center
Version 1.1    -  Hollywood5.2 - 16.03.2013 - Aros

Update Version 1.1:
CPU Watch detected 100% CPU usage when displaying the requesters.
Problem now solved with implementing a WaitTimer function.
Bug Report --> fingus amiga-news.

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für die Finanzierung weiterer Projekte freuen.

Coming next - MacOS and Android Versions

  PengoBrain - Version AmigaOS4  (Testsystem:  AmigaOne 500)
  PengoBrain - Version AmigaOS3  (Testsystem:  Dell XPS 420 und AmiKit 1.6.4) 
  PengoBrain - Version WinOS7     (Testsystem:  Dell XPS 420)
  PengoBrain - Version MorphOS    (Testsystem:  Mac Mini)
  PengoBrain - Version Aros          (Testsystem:  Icaros Desktop, AspireOS AspireOne)