BOSCH XDK Developer Blog #0008

04. Jun, 2018 | Author: Achim Kern |

Node-RED - XDK - IoT Cloud
Connect your XDK and all your Things in the BOSCH IoT Cloud now with Node-RED!

Visualize and analyze your sensor and all things data in your own flows. Connect and combine, build and design new applications with Digital Twins in the Cloud, which can now cover a growing number of use cases for you.

The heart is a connector in the Bosch IoT Cloud. Enter your access data and connect. All incoming data to the cloud will now be sent to your flow. Be curious. Filter your devices first, then your features and sensor data. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Build the dashboard, combine your flow with everything that Node-RED provides for you and develop fantastic applications with it! How it all looks live you will learn in a short time via the link on our XDK blog page.
So stay tuned what your XDK and the Bosch IoT Cloud can do!

BOSCH XDK Developer Blog #0007

13. Apr, 2018 | Author: Achim Kern |

Elasticsearch and Kibana
Use your XDK with Elasticsearch and Kibana!

Search and analyze your sensor data in real time. Elasticsearch is a distributed,
REST-based search and analytics engine, which can cover a growing number
of use cases. As the heart of the Elastic Stack, it stores your data centrally,
so that you can easily find what you are looking for and discover the unexpected.


You can then visualize everything with the appropriate kibana on your own
created dashboards. Be curious. Ask all sorts of questions about your data.
Take a step back and look at the big picture.

We are testing actually the firmware for your XDK - all looks fine - next step
is to design a nice dashboard with kibana. And some great feature -
you can also use Grafana to view your XDK data stored in elasticsearch too!
So stay tuned !

And here we are - the Kibana Dashboard of your XDK


BOSCH XDK Developer Blog #0006

19. Feb, 2018 | Author: Achim Kern |

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018
This is an annual event that celebrates the Internet of Things (IoT).
Presented by the Bosch Group, the fifth annual conference takes place
February 21-22, 2018 at STATION-Berlin.


Bosch ConnectedWorld’s purpose is to provide the inspiration, education,
and connections you need to thrive in IoT.
This February, they host more than 140 speakers on four stages presenting
IoT trends and implementations in front of more than
3,500 conference and hackathon participants.

Through inspiring keynotes, three session tracks, a huge IoT exhibition, 
a Meet Up stage, a hackathon, and a lot networking opportunities,
you will learn how the Bosch ConnectedWorld experience,
and especially IoT (and of course your XDK), is truly remarkable.

BOSCH XDK Developer Blog #0005

16. Feb, 2018 | Author: Achim Kern |

XDK-OpenSenseMap Outdoor Enviromental Sensor System
You want to operate your BOSCH XDK SensorBlock as an
outdoor environmental sensor?

Well, we have something for you!

The open sense map is an open sensor data platform that anyone can join.
The project was developed in 2015 at the Institute for Geoinformatics in Münster,
to provide students and interested citizens with a platform
to collect and publish their measurement data.


The good news, your XDK can of course that too !
You can easily find out how it all looks live via the link on our XDK blog page.

So stay tuned what your XDK can do in the future.
And see you at the BOSCH Connected World 2018 in Berlin.

BOSCH XDK Developer Blog #0004

03. Feb, 2018 | Author: Achim Kern |

XDK-playing kidgame PENGOBRAIN
The BOSCH XDK SensorBlock can now play our Kid Game PengoBrain.
The good news - the game and a flashable XDK binary is now available.
Walk and move - turn your XDK in the correct direction and Pengo follows.
In the higher levels we have jump points.

Pengo Game Version 1.5

To activate them Pengo must use a magnet and activate the inbuild
XDK magnet field sensor - we have also tunnels - Pengo needs here
more light and must iluminate the light sensor with a torch.

Sometimes Pengo has to watch for humidity level and must increase
with breathing on the sensor.
We think that all could be pretty amazing to you and your kids.

BCW2018 starts at 20.02.2018 - and we are on the Hackathon

PengoBrain game

BOSCH XDK Developer Blog #0003

19. Jan, 2018 | Author: Achim Kern |

XDK - InfluxDB and Grafana
Today I want you briefly introduce the Influx database and
the visualization tool Grafana.
With this total package you will have a perfect storage and
presentation of all your XDK sensor data.

First you have to download and install all required software packages
with the provided links.



A dashboard for the BOSCH XDK is already set up for you at Grafana.

Now with a customized HTTP RestClient firmware, you can post your
sensor data every 5 seconds into the database and Grafana
shows it in a beautifully way.


 BOSCH XDK Developer Blog #0002

12. Jan, 2018 | Author: Achim Kern |

VirtualXDK solution
If you want to view the sensor data of your XDK`s simply and quickly,
and the values ​​should still have to be available on the SD card
for analysis purposes, then we recommend you to use the latest
firmware version called Virtual XDK.
In this update, the new external current sensor is also available,
which will be soon available at all major electronics retailers.


With the help of the new iPhone and Android app you can visualize
all your sensor data via a Bluetooth transmission now very comfortable.
You have with this solution now a portable SmartSensor System available,
which you can use everywhere, easy, and most important, uncomplicated.

BOSCH XDK Developer Blog #0001

02. Jan, 2018 | Author: Achim Kern |

BOSCH IoT Cloud and XDK LIVE software
Track your XDK sensor values ​​remotely! Simply connect your devices to the
BOSCH Cloud and start prototyping your Internet of Things application!
With the XDK Cloud Connectivity from Bosch you can organize
all measurements of your XDKs.

Vanessa Serrano shows you on YouTube how to get started with your first
Hello World program.
3 different implementation possibilities are played through.
New and ultra fast - XDK LIVE - that's how much more fun prototyping!

More information can be found on the website

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