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Author: Achim Kern | 03-Jan-2022 12:58:30

Hello and welcome to our XDK Sensor page.

You will find here live data from our actual testing XDK.
The Sensor Data is provided via WebPage and ALEXA.
All done with the famous Hollywood Application Layer.

Hollywood is a light-weight, but still powerful programming language
 that is just about two megabytes in size and does not require any external components.
Hence, it is ideal for creating programs which run right out of the box.
In fact, Hollywood programs will run perfectly from an
USB flash drive without any prior installation whatsoever.

The following platform architectures are currently supported by Hollywood:
AmigaOS 3 (m68k) AmigaOS 4 (ppc) Android (arm) AROS (i386)
Linux (arm) Linux (i386) Linux (ppc)
Mac OS X (i386) Mac OS X (ppc)
MorphOS (ppc) WarpOS (m68k/ppc)
Windows (i386)

Surf at your leisure through our pages and download
 the provided programs to your favorite computer system and OS

To support our developments,
 we would appreciate donations via PayPal forward for financing new projects.