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10. Nov, 2017 | Author: Achim Kern |   


The connected home with its many possibilities and the control of our daily lives has not yet enforced in reality - but it's probably only a matter of time and it is very likely that the reality our ideas will outstrip.

Connect a ArduinoMega as a gateway to Hollywood and your operating system. Call sensors, control your lights , appliances, heating etc. , send data to your website , receive push messages on your phone - everything is possible. On an tablet with Android or WinOS-10 a perfect and beautiful smart home control. Thanks to Hollywood Player- it is also available for OS4 , MorphOS , MacOS.
The system is constantly being expanded with additional functions.


The SmartSensor and SmartHome Alexa Skills are now able to steer and call mostly every "thing" in the LCARS SmartHome system. Actually included the EQ3!MAX thermostats and the brennenstuhl outlets.

Bosch XDK Sensor Data analog - digital - external - all data stored in the Bosch IoT Cloud:
SmartSensor SmartHome Alexa Skill can call that data and provide with a short analyse.
And finally - ALEXA can steer directly our SONOS speakers.

Bosch XDK Sensor Data directly send to the  Bosch IoT Cloud with the MyThings Service. Our SmartHome and SmartSensor Applications can grab the data and work with it. The XDK has now also a new nice outdoor casing.


Bosch XDK Sensor Data called out of the Bosch IoT Cloud with the Amazon Firestick and showed as TVCard.
All sensors, actors, services etc. in the LCARS SmartHome SmartSensor system will have this feature soon.


Bosch XDK can now switch all Philips HUE lamps in the SmartHome with easy clicking on button 1.
Pressing button 2 aktivates the alarm system. Now all Bosch sensors included + 4 external.

05.07.2017 and  06.07.2017
Winning project - an easy to use Datamining Tool for everyone.

New since 01.07.2017
The Calliope IoT system has been delivered today. With the Calliope mini, Germany want to give a start shot for digital education - so that all children can learn creatively and playfully from elementary school how the digital world of tomorrow works.


New since 11.06.2017
ParticlePhoton Alexa Skill has joined the LCARS SmartSensor and SmartHome today.
Switch and controll your hue lamps with perfect speech feedbacks, call all sensors in your SmartHome -- whatever -- all is possible - with Amazon Alexa and the Particle Photon.


New since
The famous OCTOPUS IoT education and developing board has joined the LCARS SmartSensor and SmartHome today. Five Nodes are now able to provide and send data via HTTP and MQTT to our applications.
Testing soon more and more sensors, GPS, LoRa ...

New since 07.05.2017
The Adafruit Cloud and the Cayenne Sensor Cloud have joined the LCARS SmartSensor and SmartHome today.
All Nodes are now able to provide and send data to this clouds.

Cayenne Cloud  Adafruit Cloud     

New since 01.05.2017
Bosch XDK Sensor Block sends data to webpage and can be called via Alexa.

XDK and Alexa


New since 19.04.2017
Alexa Skill SmartSensor is a another service which is now available. Ask Alexa about the humidity in your bathroom, the temperature on your terrace - what ever - perfect.



New since 13.04.2017
The Relayr Cloud has joined the LCARS SmartSensor and SmartHome today.
All Nodes are now able to provide and send data to this cloud.


New since 07.04.2017
The Logitech Harmony Hub has joined the LCARS SmartHome today.
Connected devices - activate TV, HD-Receiver, most everything  etc. with Alexa and the LCARS SmartHome

New since 03.04.2017
Alexa has a new boy friend - the Bosch SmartHome 360° indoor cam.
Connected devices - talk via the Bosch cam with Alexa and the LCARS SmartHome - amazing...


New since 19.03.2017
Amazon Alexa has now access to our SONOS Sound System.
Start your favorite Radio Station, Music Playlist or activate the famous "RED ALERT".

New since 19.03.2017
Amazon Alexa has now access to our SONOS Sound System.
Start your favorite Radio Station, Music Playlist or activate the famous "RED ALERT".



New since 26.02.2017
3D-animated Avatar Amy with Amazon AWS Polly Voice Systen joins the LCARS SmartHome System.

New since 10.02.2017
Bosch XDK accoustic sound sensor implemented in LCARS SmartSensor application.


New since 18.01.2017
Amazon has now Alexa and the EchoDot2 delivered ! 
LCARS Hollywood SmartHome application is now able to communicate with Marlene to Alexa - that's amazing.
Also every command and function is now possible via a voice command.


New since
Amazon has now Alexa and the EchoDot2 delivered ! 
LCARS Hollywood SmartHome application is now able to communicate with Marlene to Alexa - that's amazing.
Also every command and function is now possible via a voice command.

New since 12.12.2016
XDK Cloud invasion has started - more and more THINGS coming online in the BOSCH IoT Cloud System.

New since
Next milestone - LCARS Smarthome application now on Philips Ambilight TV and Iphone6 working together with AppleTV. The complete Smarthome on the TV can be controlled with an app on the IPhone6s.


New since 26.11.2016
We are on stand by for our first delivery of the amazon echo and amazon dot devices working with the LCARS Hollywood SmartHome application. We have a new app on the pebble watch running which can handle very easy all our devices now. Also we have made progress with the blynk app. Every room has its own screen and we have also one extra for the complete SmartHome. On this screen we are able to send commands directly to the LCARS Hollywood SmartHome application. So stay tuned ...


New since 01.10.2016
SmartGarden is another actually running project. The garden sensors send the data to the Hollywood SmartHome application and also to the sensor cloud. Here we can see them on their web page or easy also on your Handy.


New since 26.08.2016
From push buttons to e-panels, the development of technology keeps improving the way we interact with our surroundings. Since the advent of voice interaction technology, our life has truly become easier in many ways. We think we can take advantage of this technology, and achieve more with it – ReSpeaker provides an open source, modular voice interface that allows us to hack things around us, just using our voices.
We are making ReSpeaker compatible with our previous project the Wio Link and the subsequent members of the Wio family the Wio Node and the Wio Core.

New since 16.08.2016
We have won the second place - silver medal - Bosch XDK Ideation Jam.

XDK Ideation Jam

New since 25.07.2016
Wio Node - the smaller brother of Wio Link runs actually with solar powered LiPos in the LCARS Smart Garden.

New since
We will participate with some projects done with an XDK soon.

New since
Wio Node - the smaller brother of Wio Link will make his way to the LCARS Smart Garden and Smart Barn soon.
First tests with "self build garden sensor nodes" are running ...


New since 05.06.2016
The BOSCH BME280 Sensor has found his way to our smarthome sensor nodes.
This sensor is small in size and can provide humidity, temperature and pressure.

New since 13.04.2016
The BOSCH XDK 110 Sensor has now also found his way to our smarthome.
Bosch XDK 110 - use case in LCARS Hollywood ... - YouTube
Bosch XDK 110 sensor data on IPhone - YouTube


New since 05.04.2016
Finally 10 WIO LINK Sensor Nodes - easy plug and play - have arrived and are connected to the smarthome


New since 21.03.2016
The SmartHome is now able to communicate with a Pebble Watch. Switch on/off your lights for example.


New since 01.03.2016
Sunfounder Sensor Kit (37 different sensor types) now for all nodes available.

Perfekt - our SmartHome has now 5 nodes build with the brand new RedBearDuos and the RBLinks.
The RedBear Duo is a thumb-size development board designed to simplify the process of building Internet of Things (IoT) products. The Duo is software compatible with Broadcom WICED SDK and provides everything you need—Wi-Fi, BLE and a powerful Cloud backend, all in a compact form factor that makes it ideal for your first prototype, a finished product, and everything in between. The Duo contains both Wi-Fi and BLE capabilities. This means your project can communicate locally with Bluetooth enabled devices and can also connect to your local Wi-Fi network to interact with anything else on the web. The Duo is built around the Broadcom BCM43438, a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n plus Bluetooth 4.1 (Dual Mode) combined chipset. They share the same 2.4GHz antenna and can run at the same time. This gives you the flexibility to utilize the most suitable wireless technology(s) for your project.

So far - ELEKTRA has now a second speech recognizer letting you use full-sentence voice commands.
MOVI™ is an easy to use speech recognizer and voice synthesizer. It is used with an Arduino board and provides an alternative to buttons, remote controls, or cell phones by letting you use full-sentence voice commands for tasks such as turning devices on and off, entering alarm codes, and carrying on programmed conversations with projects. It is programmed directly from the Arduino IDE.

New since 14.12.2015

Sonos sound system via gateway and WLAN integrated . Electra can now talk via the SONOS system.
Listen to your music collection and radio stations. Smart Home Wake Up in the morning now with Philips HUE and SONOS even more perfect. 

New since 02.12.2015
Module SQL database created - all sensor data are now stored in addition to the .csv data files in sqlite3 database files. The database will be used within the smart home application for comfortable evaluating and visualizing information .

New since 02.11.2015
Blynk is a Platform with iOS and Android apps to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the likes over the Internet. It's a digital dashboard where you can build a graphic interface for your project by simply dragging and dropping widgets. It's really simple to set everything up and you'll start tinkering in less than 5 mins.
Particle Sensor Nodes can communicate via Blynk app now with the Smart Home - control and receive data - ditto the Arduino Gateway.

New since 11.10.2015
- Particle Photon - Sensor Nodes
Sensor Nodes communicate via WiFi and MQTT with the smarthome.

New since 30.08.2015
- Particle Photon - WiFi for everything

The Photon is a development kit for creating Wi-Fi connected products, and the spiritual sequel of the Spark Core. It's based on Broadcom's WICED architecture, and combines a powerful STM32 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller and a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip (the same one that's in Nest Protect, LIFX, and Amazon Dash).
Features and specs
Fits in a standard breadboard (with headers)
Surface mountable for machine assembly (without headers)
Backwards compatible with the Spark Core
FCC/CE/IC certified
STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3
Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi chip
Open source hardware

New since 08.07.2015
- Voice Commands visualized with Elektra

New since 01.07.2015
- 433 MHz Sensor Nodes available

New since 10.05.2015
- Hollywood Player 6.0 SmartHome Chapter 001 hwa Datei online

New since 03.05.2015
- AmigaOS4 SmartHome Chapter 001 online

New since 28.04.2015
- Modul rooms with sensors and accessories implemented

New since 01.03.2015
- Prototyp Sensor Nodes and IFTTT Modul

New since 06.02.2015
- Prototype Sensor Nodes in ABS boxes


New since 31.01.2015
- Infrarot implemented - Apple TV, Philips TV, HD-Receiver

New since 20.01.2015
- Philips HUE - (Bridge, Bulb, Living Whites, Living Colors) new symbols
- Sensor Nodes Data in csv. data files

New since 02.01.2015
- LCARS Homeautomation communicates with RF24 Sensor Network
- Sensor Nodes are sending Humidity, Temperature, Light, Motion, Smoke


New since 04.12.2014
- LCARS Homeautomation Hardware in a box
- Modul voice commands - COMPUTER - switch light on

New since 25.11.2014
- Swann Door Chime

New since 12.10.2014
- IFTTT Mode - door open - make snapshot - send prawl push msg
- Prawl PUSH Messages


- Philips HUE light system integrated ( lighting system with brilliant colors )
- Philips Living Lights integrated ( dimmable sockets )
- Sensors such as temperature, humidity , luminous intensity , volume, etc. on Arduino YUN implemented
- 433 MHz receiver / transmitter on ArduinoMega integrated
- Brennenstuhl outlets integrated , controlled manually and timings
- Motion detectors, door - window contacts integrated with RED ALERT
- EQ3 integrated MAX heating control ( read only currently )
- Wake-up program - gentle wake with HUE Lights , music and automatic coffee cooking
- MQTT - Machine-To-Machine - Protokoll publish/subscribe - Broker RaspberryPi

INSTAR IP Cams integriert
- Weather online
- NIGHT Light Mode - dark blue light - nightlight to toilette

LCARS Hollywood Connect - Homeautomation - SmartHome
YouTube & BoingsWorld

A report on LCARS Home Automation is to appear in the Amiga Future Issue May , 2015. At the same time we have started a course how you you can build a system yourself.
The part 1 of the course you can also read 116 in the Amiga